Swim For Life 2016


5:00 pm

Doncaster Dolphins Masters Swimming Club is holding a special 4 week “Swim for Life” program for adults over 18.
In a friendly atmosphere, experienced coaches will provide practical tips and a personalised video to improve your stroke technique and confidence in the water. The course is styled for
participants who can swim a minimum of 100 metres continuously.
Supported by Doncaster Aquarena
Where: Doncaster Aquarena (50m pool)
When: 9-10am, Sundays 2, 9, 23, &  30 Oct 2016
Entries to be submitted to Program Coordinator
* Pool entrance fee and other conditions apply.
For further details and Registration form contact :
Doncaster Dolphins
Masters Swimming Club
email: davidmason63@hotmail.com
phone: 0400 585 084 

or download a registration form