Strategic Plan 2022-2026

Doncaster Dolphins have a 5 year Strategic Plan for the period 2022 to 2026 which was developed based on member feedback and ideas.

The Plan includes our Values as well as the Goals and Objectives for this period.

It will be reviewed regularly by the Committee and updates given to our members on progress.

Club Values

Inclusiveness: The Club is open to all swimmers aged18 years and over regardless of background and is committed to equality, diversity and inclusion. The Club encourages people of varying swimming ability levels.

Wellness: The Club aims to improve the fitness of members for both performance swimming and swimming for fitness and fun, thereby promoting the physical health and mental well-being of members.

Respect: The Club values all members and encourages them to respect others by promoting empathy, equality and valuing differences.

Volunteerism: The Club values volunteers and encourages members to contribute to the activities of the Club and its affiliated bodies. The Club welcomes contributions from all members to build a sense of belonging and teamwork.

Accountability: The Club adheres to good governance guidelines and has effective and up to date policies, procedures and planning to ensure accountability, integrity, effective risk management and longevity.

Community Connection: The Club works with people and organisations in the local community to build links and social connectedness and will support relevant local initiatives. This includes associations with local Council, pool management, and other local clubs and community organisations.

The Strategic Plan can be found here.